Faculty of Civil Engineering Conference

The 2024 Scientific Engineering Conference starts on May 27, under the title “Sustainability in Civil Engineering Facilities”.


The Faculty of Civil Engineering at Damascus University invited researchers, engineers, academics, and those interested in all civil engineering specializations to participate in its 2024 Scientific Engineering Conference, exchange their knowledge and experiences, and discuss future challenges for developing research and practice in these specializations. The event is accompanied by a specialized exhibition of engineering constructions.


  Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Professor Khawla Mansour, stated that the 2024 Scientific Engineering Conference will launch on 27th of this month and will continue for two days. Researchers and specialists in civil engineering from Syrian, Arab and foreign universities will participate. Participating countries include Russia, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Iran, Britain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon.  Professor Khawla Mansour explained that the number of participating scientific research papers exceeds 150, through online and in-person participation.




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