Dr. Eyas Shahin receives Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2024

The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2024, sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was awarded to a faculty member at the Faculty of Architecture at Damascus University, Dr. Iyas Shahin, alongside his fellow architect, Dr. Wesam Al-Asali, a graduate of Damascus University. The two researchers received the award at the University of Venice, Italy, on April 19, 2024.


Dr. Shahin pointed out that the award he received alongside his fellow researcher Dr. Wesam Al-Asali under the theme “Architecture is Education”, is for the overall work and research done in their IWlab.


Dr. Shahin added that the award is presented to architects who provide clear visions in their work on the search for contemporary, environmentally responsible architecture that is fully in line with ethical, environmental and social concerns.


The Award website introduced Dr. Shahin as an architect, researcher, and artist who holds a master’s degree in architectural/urban design from Damascus University (2013) and a PhD in housing (2017). Alongside Wesam Al Asali, he co-established IWLab in 2009, a multidisciplinary entity with a primary focus on cultural and architectural design. Since 2021, Shahin has delved into experimental documentaries, utilizing them as a tool for criticism and the architectural observation of cities.


The website added that Shahin’s teaching activities include serving as an academic lecturer and tutor in the Faculty of Architecture at Damascus University since 2008, as well as numerous academic workshops and cultural participations abroad, including in the UK (Cambridge University), Denmark (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen), Germany (Cottbus University), and Finland.


It is noteworthy that the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture was cfounded in 2006 by architect and researcher Jana Revedin under the auspices of UNESCO. The works that won the global award received great international attention.


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