Microscopic Techniques in Genetic Analysis: Second lecture in a series of enrichment lectures at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

 Third season of enrichment lectures began at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, including three main themes: genetics studies, artificial intelligence and its applications in the medical field, and statistical studies and use of Graphpad software. Lectures are presented by professors and specialists, on Tishreen auditorium in the faculty.


Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Lama Youssef, stated that the faculty began a series of enrichment lectures approximately two years ago. They are directed to postgraduate students to enrich their information. In its third season, the series hosts Syrian and international professors and researchers who present their extensive experiences and expertise in scientific research.


Prof. Youssef added that this lecture on microscopic genetics by Dr. Mazen Al-Kanj, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Damascus University and a specialist in cytogenetics, is considered a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the most important developments in the world of natural chromosomes, in terms of normal structure and pathological conditions. She explained that some of the lectures will be delivered online for external researchers.


During the lecture, Dr. Al-Kanj talked about the use of microscopic techniques in analysis, explaining that the role of genetic analyses is increasing rapidly, having the advantage of detecting inherited or emerging diseases, most notably cancer.


It is noteworthy to mention that the enrichment lectures at the Faculty of Pharmacy are directed to postgraduate students. Lectures are usually evaluated by students through an online questionnaire with the aim of determining the extent of the benefit they gain and identifying topics of interest.




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