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Vision and Mission

The mission statement of Damascus University aims at reflecting the history of the university and its strengths and future. It is the result of consultations with the concerned bodies from within and outside the university. Damascus University Council approved the statement in March, 2007. It is based on a long-term vision, core values and strategic objectives.
Long-term vision: Damascus University seeks to achieve success in education, scientific research and to meet the needs of society.  Moreover, it tries to keep itself informed of the latest scientific and technical developments and to apply them in a way that allows the improvement of the quality of learning in all fields.  Damascus University is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that enablestudents to grow and prosper in pursuit of their future.
University activities are governed by a set of core values:
1. academic freedom in acquiring knowledge and learning
2.contributing to the development of society
3.focusing on the student
4. promoting moral values in knowledge and learning
5. meeting the highest standards of integrity, honesty, justice, transparency and
6.adopting of a participatory approach to the continuous development of the university
The statement: Damascus University seeks to excel in scientific research and educational programs related to economic and social development in Syria.  Also, the university aims to graduate qualified students who are able to compete in local and regional labor markets and to pursue their learning and career development. It achieves this goal by investing in human resources and institutional development as well as through strategic partnerships aimed at developing scientific research, education and supporting learning opportunities by establishing a link between the university and the community.
The mission’s strategic objectives: Damascus University has adopted a set of strategic objectives that include key issues, such as the development of organizational and legislative frameworks; the modernization of academic programs, administrative processes and interactive activities with graduates and society; and the development of a quality management system.
These issues have been elaborated in the following twelve objectives:
1.development of regulatory and legislative frameworks in order to maintain the
administrative and financial independence of the university.
2.development of educational programs.
3. development of infrastructure and facilities for an appropriate learning environment.
4.development of non-traditional teaching methods in the normal university education and
open learning system.
5.adoption of educational programs that support economic and social development in Syria
6.development of research capacities.
7.development of the skills and capabilities of university academics.
8.development of administrative processes.
9. development of the skills and capabilities of administrative staff.
10. linking the university with society.
11.establishment of the Association of Damascus University Alumni.
12.development of a quality-assurance system at the university.

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