Launching of the final stage of the 18th session of the Student Scientific Research Competition in the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University

The final stage of the eighteenth session of the Student Scientific Research Competition began today at the Faculty of Dentistry, with the participation of 15 research papers by students from Syrian public and private universities, and a research study from an Iraqi university.


Vice President of Damascus University for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Muhammad Firas Al-Hanawi, praised the great history of the competition, especially since it has reached the 18th session and is still continuing. He stated that published scientific research raises the ranking of Damascus University, which actually benefits students.


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Khaldoun Darwish, confirmed that the scientific research competition began in 2007 and was hosted by several universities. Today, it returns to Damascus University, and aims to spread the culture of scientific research among undergraduate students.


Deputy Dean of the Faulty of Dentistry for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mohannad Laflouf, stated that the primary goal of the competition since its inception was to encourage students to learn the methodology of scientific research and scientific thinking, explaining that the competition went through several stages during which the final research papers were selected out of 65 papers.


For his part, Deputy Dean of the Faulty of Dentistry for Administrative Affairs, Professor Omar Hishmeh confirmed that the competition stimulates leadership in scientific research for students. He also stated that the judging committee consists of a number of department heads and professors.



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