A Scientific Day at the Faculty of Dentistry on Pain Management and the Injection of Ultrasonic-guided Fillers

 The Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University, in cooperation with the Syrian Dental Syndicate and the Syrian Association of Preventive Dental Medicine and Infection Control, organized a free scientific day that included modern methods for relieving headache, facial pain, neuropathic and acute pain after maxillofacial surgery, and ultrasound-guided filler injections after maxillofacial surgery.


Vice President of Damascus University for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mhd Firas Al-Hinawi, said that the university is keen on organizing scientific conferences because it is the most important way of publishing studies and written scientific research.


The Head of Syria Dental Syndicate, Dr. Zakariyya al-Basha, stressed that the role of the Syndicate is to raise the level of doctors through scientific conferences and specialized courses.


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University pointed out the importance of organizing scientific days in the faculty in cooperation with other scientific institutions. He explained that this scientific day aims to provide practicing doctors, newly graduates and postgraduate students with new experiences through discussing the latest therapeutic methods used in pain management.


President of the Oral Preventive and Infection Control Association, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Haq, explained the importance of organizing the event in the Faculty of Dentistry.


Head of the Department of Oral Medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Omar Hamada, indicated that the event dealt with an important theme on which most dental treatments are based.


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