Launching the Digital Prosthodontics Fellowship Program at the Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University.

The Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University launched a fellowship program in digital prosthodontics with distinctive scientific axes and under the supervision of professional academic and scientific expertise. The program aims at advancing dentists in the world of digital dentistry, and includes theoretical training and practical applications


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry and Head of the Fellowship Program, Dr. Khaldoun Darwich, has announced the launch of a pioneering fellowship program in digital prosthetic dentistry at the faculty. This program, the first of its kind in Syria, is a collaborative effort between the Professional Practice Office, the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics, and the Digital Dental Laboratory. Its primary goal is to introduce modern digital technologies into dentistry. The program consists of five modules that cover foundational concepts, equipment, and the implementation of an integrated digital clinical case.


Dr. Darwich added that the program is supervised and presented by faculty professors from various disciplines in addition to professional trainers, and includes remote lectures by a lecturer from Portugal.


In the first module, Dr. Mohammad Atef Darwich highlighted the significance of digital dentistry in modern technology. His lecture discussed periodontal considerations in fixed prosthesis, emphasizing the importance of designing prosthesis that aligns with natural anatomical and histological data. He also emphasized the role of digital tools in improving dental performance and maintaining periodontal health


Mr. Hisham Al-Hussaini, General Manager of DDG, Digital Dental Gate, emphasized the significant partnership with the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University to introduce modern international technologies in dentistry to graduate students. This collaboration led to the establishment of a fully equipped digital dental laboratory at the faculty, promoting digital culture in dentistry.


The upcoming modules of the fellowship program are notable for focusing on various aspects such as identifying prosthetic materials, software and hardware for digital prostheses, full and partial preparations, indications and contraindications for each case, temporary prosthesis, adhesive usage procedures, clinical follow-up, and the integration of digital prostheses with other specialties, particularly in the context of dental implants.



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