Evaluating Arabian horses and pedigree registration: a training course at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering

A training course under the title “Evaluating Arabian Horses and Recording Pedigrees” was organized by the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at Damascus University. It focuses on the specifications of the Arabian horse, evaluating the purebred Arabian horse, and registering births “opening a file.”


In a statement to the university’s website, Dr. Afraa Salloum, Dean of the faculty, confirmed the faculty’s interest in the field of animal husbandry and plant production, in addition to its constant endeavor to provide all the knowledge, experience and skills needed in the labor market. She also indicated that the course focused, on its first day, on the theoretical side, while the practical side was on the second day. The course was provided by specialized professors and trainers.


For his part, Dr. Samouil Moussa. from Animal Production Department stressed the importance of the course’s topic as a very important agricultural animal, as it comes within the framework of qualifying cadres to adopt these topics, especially evaluating purebred Arabian horses in light of the scarcity of experts in this field.


It is noteworthy that the training course was organized under the supervision of the faculty’s Professional Practice Office and ran for two days in the faculty building. At the end of the course, the trainees received a certified training certificate from the faculty.



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