Faculty of Tourism: Various training courses to develop the practical skills of students and graduates and enable them to enter the labor market

During this year, the Faculty of Tourism has implemented a group of different training courses targeting undergraduate students in the third and fourth years, postgraduate studies, and graduates, in cooperation with the National Union of Syrian Students.


The courses covered a wide range of topics from all departments and specializations. The first course focused on methods of scientific research in tourism sciences, with the goal of enhancing participants' skills and capabilities in conducting scientific research and studies in accordance with established rules and principles.


The second course addressed the ethics and methodologies of publishing scientific research, with the aim of familiarizing attendees with scientific research databases, enhancing their proficiency in writing and publishing research papers to peer-reviewed journals, and cultivating their capacity to steer clear of plagiarism in academic research.


The third course focused on enhancing participants' tourism guiding abilities and techniques. This included interacting effectively with tourists and stakeholders, honing skills related to tourist and archaeological sites, and gaining insight into the responsibilities and requirements of working as a tourist guide.


The fourth course centered on the management of cultural heritage resources, covering various types of cultural heritage, introducing participants to international and regional organizations dedicated to safeguarding heritage, enhancing skills in heritage resource management, and understanding the significance and function of museums in preserving cultural heritage.


The fifth course concentrated on hotel booking procedures, aiming to familiarize participants with the approved hotel reservation system, creating and managing profiles, making reservations, modifying bookings, and handling various aspects of hotel reservations.


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