The Digital Transformation Office opens a training course on the interactive platform of Damascus University

 The Digital Transformation Office at Damascus University launched a training course on publishing on the interactive platform that the university launched last year in cooperation with Foundation for Development (Taazor). This workshop, which took place in the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, is intended for the managers of the university’s quality assurance offices


Vice President of Damascus University, Professor Dr. Maysaa Al- Sioufi, confirmed that Damascus University launched the digital platform last year on the occasion of the centenary of the establishment of the university, as part of the cooperation agreement with Foundation for Development (Taazor).


Professor Al- Sioufi explained the importance of the current stage of work on the platform because it brings together the managers of quality offices with the aim of training them to use the interactive platform.


The official from Foundation for Development (Taazor) stated that the foundation is training cadres from Damascus University to work on the interactive platform program, which was the first result of the cooperation agreement between the institution and the university.


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