A Scientific Workshop on Cochlear implant from Identification to Rehabilitation at Damascus University

 Faculty of Health Sciences at Damascus University organized a workshop on “Cochlear implant from Identification to Rehabilitation”. The workshop is organized with the participation of professors, specialists and experts in the field of auditory rehabilitation from Syria and the United Arab Emirates.


The workshop targeted doctors and specialists in the fields of ear, nose, and throat, cochlear surgery, general surgery, audiology, speech and language therapy, occupational and psychotherapy, in addition to postgraduate student residents, students of health sciences, medical engineers, and the technical support team at cochlear and audio devices’ companies.


President of Damascus University, Prof. Muhammad Osama Al Jabban, confirmed during the opening of the workshop on the university’s amphitheater, that the workshop comes within the distinguished scientific activities that Damascus University is keen to organize as part of its strategy to keep pace with the needs of society and to meet the requirements of the labor market.


The University President praised the efforts made by the Faculty of Health Sciences to improve its scientific performance through its study plans and distinguished scientific activities in the field of qualifying and training its staff and students in various departments and in partnership with concerned parties related to its work.


Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Samer Mohsen, explained that the main goal of the workshop is to emphasize the importance of dealing with the issue of cochlear implant as a medical issue that is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, starting from identifying the child who suffers from profound hearing loss until he/she undergoes surgery through the medical-technical-surgical team and the auditory training and rehabilitation until he/she is integrated into real life without any assistance, which is the desired goal.


During his lecture at the workshop, Prof. Jamal Qassouma, a cochlear surgeon in Syria and the United Arab Emirates, spoke about the medical and surgical aspects of interest to audiologists and speech-language pathologists and how speech and language develop in children who have had a cochlear implant.


The workshop was attended by the vice presidents of Damascus University and a number of professors, students, and those interested in this field.

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