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 "Achieving an effective sustainable developmental policy is considered a primary goal in a large number of institutions around the world. The application of this policy in universities is reflected throughout the country, especially in developing and low-income countries.

This research aims to analyse the sustainability policies adopted at Damascus University during the past 5 years of the Syrian crisis through several factors, with a focus on the analysis based on the SciVal and Scopus databases.

We consider Damascus University as an example of an institution of a developing country. We use the method of extracting and analysing the data of the 16 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of Damascus University within Scopus. Based on Scopus and SciVal data, we find that Damascus University made a significant leap in the number of its research related to sustainable development in the year 2022, as these research studies constituted 46.0% of all published, abstracted, and indexed research studies in Scopus by Damascus University researchers.

Also, by analysing the citation data which the SDG documents have received, we find that the citations resulted from these documents represent about 53% of the total citation of the university during the same time."

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