Cooperation between Orthodontics and Other Dental Specialties for Successful Orthodontic Treatment

The cooperation workshop between orthodontics and other dental specialties for successful orthodontic treatment has begun. It is the first workshop of its kind at the Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University, organized by the Department of Orthodontics in collaboration with the Professional Practice Office, held at the conference hall of the college.


Professor Khaldoon Darwish, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University, affirmed that the college has reached the peak of its activity during the current period through the scientific events organized by the Professional Practice Office in collaboration with the college departments and under the auspices of the university presidency. The scientific activities include training courses, scientific workshops, and fellowship programs. The workshop is one of the multidisciplinary scientific activities that focus on the role of different specialties in developing a successful treatment plan for orthodontic patients. He emphasized the importance of the lectures to be delivered during the workshop.


Professor Mohammed Hajeer, the head of the Department of Orthodontics, stated that the workshop is the first of its kind at Damascus University, aiming to establish harmony between orthodontists and other dental specialties in order to bridge the gap between the disciplines. The workshop is presented by eight specialized professors from Damascus University and other institutions, covering all dental specialties. They will address various topics that target the interrelation between orthodontics and other specialties.


Dr. Hajeer added that the course has 175 registered participants, including postgraduate students, resident doctors from specialized centers in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, specializing in orthodontics and other fields. The workshop will continue for two days.


Dr. Kenda Sultan, who delivered a lecture titled "Serial Extraction or Space Maintainers: The Boundaries in Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment," explained that this field is very broad and important for children in the growth phase who suffer from malocclusion. She emphasized that early therapeutic intervention reduces the complexity of orthodontic treatment in the future.


Dr. Shaza Qoushji from the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Damascus University stated that her lecture revolves around the importance of referring patients by pediatric dentists for consultation and orthodontic treatment at the appropriate time, which is of great importance to maximize the therapeutic value for the patient.


Regarding tomorrow's lecture, Dr. Jihad Abu Nasar, the Director of the Patents Office at Damascus University, stated that it focuses on orthodontic preparation before crowns, bridges, and implants. He emphasized the importance of the workshop, which brings together all dental specialties to achieve mutual benefit, as orthodontics can serve other dental specialties and vice versa.


 Professor Suleiman Diab explained that his lecture focuses on apical root resorption around teeth and how to eliminate windows and fenestrations as osseous dental defects. It also includes dental tips and considerations since orthodontists work within the oral environment, surrounded by the dental tissues. The goal is to guide orthodontists to carry out successful treatment through collaborations between orthodontics and occlusion, orthodontics and restorative dentistry, and other specialties. He added that the workshop provides significant scientific benefits for participating doctors to make the right decisions at the right time.



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