Start of Third Conference on Molecular Genetics and Its Clinical Applications

 The third conference on molecular genetics and its clinical applications, organized by the Excellence and Creativity Commission, Damascus University, the Syrian Society of Pathology, and the Syrian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, has begun with an accompanying medical equipment exhibition featuring a number of healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions. The conference is taking place at Damascus Rose Hotel.


The conference, which will last for four days, focuses on new horizons in medical genetics, molecular biology applications in the diagnosis of genetic diseases and assisted reproduction, medical biotechnology, bioinformatics applications, pharmacogenetics, as well as the latest developments, scientific research, and technological advancements in the field of reproductive health and medical care.


Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, emphasized the importance of this scientific, medical, and research conference at both the local and regional levels. He highlighted that it sheds light on molecular genetic diseases, which pose significant challenges to public health worldwide, affecting millions of individuals and causing considerable suffering.


Dr. Marwan Al-Halabi, Head of the Syrian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Head of the BioTherapeutics Research Center at Damascus University, mentioned that the conference aims to support and promote scientific research by achieving the highest levels of coordination and collaboration in conducting qualitative research that serves the national vision in the field of molecular genetics.


Dr. Antoine Maalouf, a specialist in robotic surgery training and the chief executive of the Board of Directors at Levant Hospital in Lebanon, affirmed the role of conferences in keeping up with the scientific developments witnessed worldwide in all fields of science. He highlighted the large participation in the conference, which reflects the interest of Syrian researchers, especially the younger generation.


The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabbash, Minister of Health, Eng. Hala Dakkak, President of the Excellence and Creativity Commission, Dr. Muhammed Osama Al-Jabban, President of Damascus University, Brigadier General Dr. Michel Farah, Director of the Medical Services Administration at the Ministry of Interior, Members of the Parliament, ministers, and deputies of the university president, Dr. Arwa Al-Azma, head of the National Commission for Cancer Control, Dr. Majd Al-Jamali, Director of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research, hospital directors, deans of faculties, their deputies, and a number of professors and researchers from Arab countries.

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