The Faculty of Health Sciences conducts the Clinical Skills Examination (OSCE) for audiology students at Al-Mouwasat University Hospital

 The Faculty of Health Sciences at Damascus University conducted a clinical skills test (OSCE) for final-year students in the Audiology Department, in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine.


Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Samer Mohsen, explained that the Clinical Skills Examination (OSCE) follows international regulations in all specialties which involve healthcare, in order to test the student’s clinical and practical skills and the level of performance and competence with regard to communication skills.


Assistant Director of Al-Mouwasat Hospital, Head of the Otolaryngology Department, Dr. Hossam Hadid, pointed out the role of the hospital and the Faculty of Medicine in training the students of the Audiology Department in clinical and practical terms.


Director of the Audiology Department at Aamal Organization, Specialist Farah Jabri, praised the ongoing academic and practical support that the organization provides to health sciences students, whether in audiology or other specializations, as part of the existing cooperation with Damascus University.


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