Center for Strategic Studies and Research: A research incubator for all faculties and specialties at Damascus University

 After years of its suspension, Damascus University issued a decision to revitalize the Center for Strategic Studies and Research, and renew its work at the university in order to be a research incubator for all faculties with their various specializations and departments.


Director of the Center, Dr. Akram Al-Qash, explains in an interview with the “Damascus University” website that the main goal of the Center is to contribute to the development of academic work at the university from a functional perspective with regard to serving the community through joint coordination with all parties, whether governmental or civil, in order to implement studies and research on issues that concern them and meet their needs.


Dr. Al-Qash notes that work is currently underway to establish the general structure of the Center and create an integrated vision for its work in various fields, which includes forming a multidisciplinary research team and an executive plan to secure resources and supplies and implement research.


The Center seeks to be an incubator for researchers whose mission is to provide support for the research process and help graduate students to carry out their research in the best possible way. In this context, work will be done during the coming period to employ part of the scientific research budget allocated to the Center for this purpose, according to Dr. Al-Qash.


Dr. Al-Qash points out that the Center will address all economic, social, political, agricultural, health, environmental and developmental aspects.

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