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President of Damascus University meets the First Secretary at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus

 The President of Damascus University, Professor Muhammad Osama Al-Jabban, met with the First Secretary, Commercial and Economic Attaché, and Head of the Development Cooperation Department at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus, Mr. Tomáš Khlopcek, to discuss the prospects for the scientific cooperation and future partnership between the two sides in order to serve the existing infrastructure projects in Syria in the affected areas.

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President of Damascus University meets the student delegation of the Bolgar Islamic Academy that is visiting the Faculty of Sharia

 President of Damascus University, Prof. Muhammad Osama al-Jabban, met with a delegation of graduate students from the Bolgar Islamic Academy in the Russian Federation (specializing in Islamic Economics) that is visiting Damascus University within the framework of the scientific cooperation agreement signed between the two sides.


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UN Spanish Language Day is observed by the Department of Spanish at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

 In the presence of the Vice President of Damascus University for Scientific Affairs, professors and students, as well as ambassadors and representatives of Spanish-speaking countries, the Spanish Language Department of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Damascus University, commemorated UN Spanish Language Day.

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“The Effect of The Holy Qurʾan on Arabic Rhetoric: Illumination at the Path and the Fate”: a Research Paper at the Faculty of Sharia

Arabic Rhetoric is one of the featured Arabic language sciences. Its understanding is essential in understanding the goals and meanings of Arabic texts. The Holy Qur’an has contributed greatly in the prosperity of the Arabic language worldwide at the time of its revelation and in its survival and immortality throughout the ages.

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