A Number of Damascus University Journals are Listed into the Asian Science Citation Index (ASCI)

In order to complement the University's plan to explore global sites, disseminate Syrian scientific research and introduce the Syrian scholar to the global scientific community, Damascus University has endeavoured to index and catalogue its journals within the Asian Science Citation Index (ASCI), as it is important to introduce Asian peoples to each other's science, and exchange experiences and research.


In a statement to Damascus University website, Dr. Ahed Abu Younis, Director of Journals at Damascus University, highlighted that indexing four journals: Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and basic science, within ASCI was achieved through several consequent steps. First, submitting a request for entry into the indexing system, and then subjecting the journals to scientific review by those responsible for managing the Index according the established criteria and conditions. As a result, these journals have obtained the required approval to be listed into the index.


Abu Younis noted that the indexing of journals within "ASCI" allows for greater scientific dissemination of Damascus University, using the experience of Syrian scholars in scientific citations, and enhances the academic scientific integrity of research and scientific publications published in the University's journals, thereby contributing to raising the profile and classification of Damascus University and its journals, especially when providing good scientific content. It also opens the door for Asian researchers to publish in the university's journals.


Abu Younis concluded that this achievement was a complement to the hard work initiated by the University to strengthen its journals, where it had previously culminated in the existence of 5 journals that were interested in the literary aspect of science on the Web of Science. This is the fruit and result of an organized collective effort. All these achievements would not have been possible without the support provided by the University administration; notably the support and follow-up provided by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Osama Al-Jaban, President of Damascus University.

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