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Paths: An Event by Faculty of Information Engineering at Reda Saeed Hall

Faculty of Information Engineering at Damascus University, in cooperation with the Faculty’s Training and Employment Center and the National Union of Syrian Students, organized Paths Event, with the aim of strengthening communication and exchanging experiences in the field of information technology and highlighting the different professional paths for information engineers. At the event, a group of experts and specialists in this field provide diverse content which includes the latest developments, innovations and challenges facing this vital industry.


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Cooperation between Orthodontics and Other Dental Specialties for Successful Orthodontic Treatment

The cooperation workshop between orthodontics and other dental specialties for successful orthodontic treatment has begun. It is the first workshop of its kind at the Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University, organized by the Department of Orthodontics in collaboration with the Professional Practice Office, held at the conference hall of the college.



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Damascus University begins to pay financial rewards for external publishing to its researchers

Damascus University has begun to pay financial rewards to researchers who have been able to publish external research in well-rated scientific journals in international databases, based on the relevant decision of the University Council.

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A study highlights the Syrian experience in the field of supporting and embracing talent and creativity

 Promoting education for gifted and highly capable students is essential for building a society focused on scientific knowledge. Syria has implemented various strategies and initiatives to identify, develop, and support the talents of gifted students, contributing to the enhancement of talent and creativity in the country.

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