The Center for Student Empowerment and Leadership: A gateway to developing the practical capabilities and skills of students according to a systematic basis.

 The Student Empowerment and Leadership Center at Damascus University seeks to develop the capabilities of university students and graduates and connect them to the labor market according to a systematic basis through training courses that qualify them to enter practical life and the labor market.

The Center provides academic and vocational guidance to all students in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and provides them with consultations in this regard.

The Center’s Board of Directors is headed by the President of Damascus University and its membership includes a representative of the National Student Union and a representative of the Young Entrepreneurs Association.



The center’s primary orientation at the current stage is to build a training plan directly linked to the needs of the labor market. In this context, the center recently launched a survey for students at Damascus University, whose primary goal is to assess the student’s training need necessary to enter the labor market.

The survey conducted by the Center included two aspects:

The first is an inventory of the general skills and language skills that a student or graduate needs to enter the labor market.

The second focuses on the specific or sectoral skills of each college in order to restore the missing skills that the student needs in each major.

The training programs will be determined soon.

During the coming period, the center seeks to expand in identifying the training needs to empower students, by surveying the opinions of employers and company managements, in addition to conducting a group of meetings with experts in the field training.


A strategic plan for training and qualification:

As for the strategic level, it was proposed at the last Board of Directors meeting to adopt a committee whose mission is to develop a strategic plan for the center’s work with regard to training and qualification, in which a number of members of the educational body will participate. The strategic plan will be built in accordance with the studies that the center will adopt and in line with its objectives.


Promoting the culture of volunteering:

The Center’s administration is working to expand the Center’s services and objectives, whether through expanding access to students through social networking sites or through direct meetings with students in various colleges and institutes.

The center will also adopt the establishment of student spaces within the center to exchange student ideas and experiences. An initiative will soon be launched to enhance the exchange of experiences between students under the supervision of the center’s management.




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