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Damascus University Hospital for Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Receives a Device for Diagnosing Melanomas from Russia

 The Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Hospital at Damascus University received a device for diagnosing melanomas using artificial intelligence, provided by the National Alliance of Russian Dermatologists and Cosmetologists. 

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The Faculty of Health Sciences conducts the Clinical Skills Examination (OSCE) for audiology students at Al-Mouwasat University Hospital

 The Faculty of Health Sciences at Damascus University conducted a clinical skills test (OSCE) for final-year students in the Audiology Department, in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine.

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Youth and the Promotion of Culture and National Identity, the Role of Universities, the Media, and Non-Governmental Youth Organizations…. A Dialogue Session at Damascus University

A dialogue session was held at Damascus University entitled “Youth and the Promotion of Culture and National Identity, the Role of Universities, Media, and Non-Governmental Youth Organizations,” organized by the National Union of Syrian Students.


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Opening of Exhibition of Scientific Capabilities of the Universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran at Damascus University

 The exhibition of the scientific capabilities of the universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran was inaugurated in the lobby of the Faculty of Law auditorium at Damascus University, in cooperation between the National Union of Syrian Students -  Damascus University Branch and the Iranian Scientific Chancellery, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and Minister of Media, Dr. Boutros Al-Hallaq, and the Iranian Ambassador to Syria, Hossein Akbari, President of the Union of Syrian Students, Dr. Dareen Suleiman, President of the University, Dr. Muhammad Osama Al-Jabban, members of the Executive Office of the Union, and a number of deans and students.

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