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Launching the Digital Prosthodontics Fellowship Program at the Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University.

The Faculty of Dentistry at Damascus University launched a fellowship program in digital prosthodontics with distinctive scientific axes and under the supervision of professional academic and scientific expertise. The program aims at advancing dentists in the world of digital dentistry, and includes theoretical training and practical applications.

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Damascus University Participates in the European Orthodontic Society Congress, EOS 2024, in Greece

 Damascus University researcher Dr. Abdul Rahman Kusaibati participated in the 99th conference of the European Orthodontic Society, EOS 2024, which was held in Athens under the title “Challenges of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Bones”.

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Student Empowerment and Leadership Center is Preparing to Launch its First Volunteer Team

  Student Empowerment and Leadership Center at Damascus University has begun preparing to establish its first volunteer team, with the aim of promoting volunteer culture, establishing the principle of active participation, and contributing to empowering students by involving them in achieving the center’s goals and making them aware of the importance of volunteer work during their university studies.


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Center for Strategic Studies and Research: A research incubator for all faculties and specialties at Damascus University

 After years of its suspension, Damascus University issued a decision to revitalize the Center for Strategic Studies and Research, and renew its work at the university in order to be a research incubator for all faculties with their various specializations and departments.

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