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Microscopic Techniques in Genetic Analysis: Second lecture in a series of enrichment lectures at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

 Third season of enrichment lectures began at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, including three main themes: genetics studies, artificial intelligence and its applications in the medical field, and statistical studies and use of Graphpad software. Lectures are presented by professors and specialists, on Tishreen auditorium in the faculty.

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Dr. Eyas Shahin receives Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2024

 The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2024, sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was awarded to a faculty member at the Faculty of Architecture at Damascus University, Dr. Iyas Shahin, alongside his fellow architect, Dr. Wesam Al-Asali, a graduate of Damascus University. The two researchers received the award at the University of Venice, Italy, on April 19, 2024.

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Patient-reported outcomes during accelerating the en-masse retraction of the upper anterior teeth using low-intensity electrical stimulation: a randomized controlled trial

 The long duration required for orthodontic treatment is considered one of the major challenges faced by orthodontists. Therefore, numerous techniques and methods have been developed in this field with the aim of reducing the total time of orthodontic treatment. Low-intensity electrical stimulation (LIES) is a relatively new technique that has received little attention in orthodontics as a means to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement.

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“International Quality Systems and their Applications”: a Workshop organized by Damascus University’s Branch in Daraa

The workshop was organized by Damascus University’s Branch in Daraa, in cooperation with the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and one of the companies specialized in this field with the participation of trainees from university students and employees of government institutions. The aim was to provide participants with the necessary skills to meet quality requirements according to international standards so that the trainee can perform his work efficiently and effectively by practicing international quality systems.

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